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Judicial Clerkship

Limit: 14 students.

Have you ever wondered how a case goes from a complaint to a written decision or from an appellate brief to a published opinion? In this course, students will peer behind the curtain and explore how judicial decisions are made, with an emphasis on the role that law clerks play in the process. This course is designed both for students with a specific interest in clerking or externing for a judge and for students who would like to gain insight into the judicial decision-making and opinion-writing process. The course includes several short legal research and writing assignments that will satisfy the WIE writing requirement. For those students interested, externship placements with a state or federal judge in the Spring semester may be available.

The course is taught by Micah Steinhilb. Micah Steinhilb is an attorney at Gordon & Polscer in Portland, OR. Prior to joining that firm, he was a law clerk at the Oregon Court of Appeals and an extern at the U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon.

This is a graded course and grades are premised upon 2-3 writing assignments, class attendance, and class participation.


Prerequisite: Legal Writing

Meets WIE writing requirement.