Coronavirus Information and Update: Fall 2021 Plans

Epic Corporate Scandals (Dirty. Sexy. Money. Bankruptcy.)

This class will meet two hours per week and will be taught in the conventional seminar format. Grades will be based primarily on either one paper that will satisfy the Capstone requirement or two short papers that will satisfy the WIE requirement. Students will be able to choose either of these options. Grades will also be based on in-class participation. In delving beyond the headlines, this course examines the largest and most infamous corporate scandals of the last decade, including Bernie Madoff Securities, Lehman Brothers, AIG, Enron, Washington Mutual, and WorldCom. The course focuses on the salacious details of each case and discusses (i) why corporate executives and officers engaged in grossly illegal conduct; (ii) what they hoped to accomplish by their transgressions; and (iii) the consequences of their actions on our local, national, and global economies. The course will provide an overarching perspective on the two great recessions of the last decade that crippled some of the most successful institutions in the world and revealed staggering levels of greed and fraud.

There are absolutely no prerequisites for this seminar.

Meets the WIE or Capstone writing requirements.