Coronavirus Information and Update: Fall 2021 Plans

Renewable Energy Finance and Development

This weekly seminar will introduce students to the key legal issues involved in the development and financing of a renewable energy project in Oregon. The class uses a ‘role-play’ model in which each student is assigned the role of a stakeholder and is required to understand and advocate the positions taken and issues affecting such stakeholder. The class uses lectures as well as mock ‘term sheet’ negotiations to teach the fundamental issues involved in the developing, permitting, financing, construction and operation of a variety of renewable energy projects.

The objectives of the class are to (a) identify the key legal issues involved in project development finance; (b) require students to serve as counsel to various stakeholders; and (c) teach fundamental concepts using concrete, real-life examples.

Grading of the course will be as follows: Class participation: 10%; assignments: 10%; final Mock Negotiation: 40%; final exam: 40%