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Health Law and Policy

This course will focus on a variety of current legal and policy issues in the financing and delivery of health care in the United States. A summary of course coverage includes the following:

- A comparative review of other countries’ delivery and payment laws and practices

- Identification of legal provisions which create or amplify continuing problems with Access to, and the Costs and Quality of health care in the US

- Recent efforts to address some of these problems - the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, and its current implementation

- The division (and overlap) of federal and state responsibilities/authority over payment for and the qualifications of individual and institutional health care providers

-  The central role of non-governmental entities in determining enforceable standards

- Constitutional and statutory implications for the “right to care”, or “to refuse care”, or to “die with dignity”

- The role and scope of Public Health, with its focus on population rather than individual health: Governmental legal powers, duties and limits

REQUIREMENTS: attendance and participation, comments on weekly readings, Project paper.

Students may meet the WIE requirement or the Capstone requirement.


NOTE: The below course description applied in academic years prior to 2016-2017.

Limited to 14 students

This seminar is designed to explore selected topics in the history, evolution and regulation of some components of our current “health care delivery system”. Seminar sessions will focus on discussion and analysis of common readings throughout the semester. Requirements include a short paper mid-term and a final paper.

Meets WIE writing requirement