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Victims in Criminal Procedure

An important course for anyone who will come in contact with victims of crime.  A course for others looking for an eye opening elective. Professor Beloof has recently written the Third Edition of the only casebook in the area.  He is a nationally recognized authority in the area of victims’ rights.  Virtually none of the cutting-edge law taught in this course is covered in other criminal procedure courses or casebooks. The course tracks the victim’s role through all stages of criminal procedure, from investigation through sentence and post-sentence matters.  It examines state constitutions and federal statutory victims’ rights.  The course contrasts the victim’s role in different types of offenses:  for example, sexual assault and domestic violence.

This class offers the opportunity to understand the law in this area and the underlying cultural dynamics and their relationship with the legal system, the law as a force that preserves or destroys relationships of power.  No prerequisite required.  Evaluation by exam.