Coronavirus Information and Update: Spring 2021 Plans

Advanced Tax Clinic

Students who have completed one semester in the tax clinic may apply for enrollment in a second semester by completing an Application for Advanced Tax Clinic. The Application should be given to the Registrar. A limited number of advanced students are accepted each semester. Acceptance as an advanced student is dependent upon the approval of the Clinic Director.

The advanced student will be assigned the more complicated and complex tax cases. In addition, the advanced student will have the opportunity to handle the kinds of cases that they may not have been assigned their first semester. The advanced student will act as a resource for the first time students, and will give guidance when requested.

Clinic is a pass/fail course. Under normal circumstances, students will satisfy their WIE writing requirement, if it has not already been satisfied.

Advanced Tax Clinic may be taken for three or four semester hours. In order to earn three semester hours credit, the student must put in eight hours per week at the clinic on case work. In order to earn four semester hours credit, the student must put in ten hours per week at the clinic on case work. Though there is a classroom component for “first time” students, advanced students are not required to attend these classes.

With the approval of the professor, students can choose their own schedule of what days to “work” Monday through Friday, and what hours on those days between 9:00AM and 5:00PM. There are only two limitations: (1) the student’s schedule must include at least two days per week at the clinic, not one; and (2) the student must commit to a consistent schedule for the entire semester.

As stated above, there is a limit to the number of students who may register for the advanced clinic and early appplication for advanced clinic is encouraged. As advanced students know: the clinic is located in downtown Portland, the telephone number is 503-768-6500, and the Clinic Director is Sarah Lora, whose email is