Street Law

Street Law - Professor Chris Parrucci

  • Course Number: LAW-708/709
  • Course Type: Highly Specialized and Experiential
  • Credits: 3
  • Enrollment Limit: Determined by the Registrar
  • Description:

    As a Street Law student, you teach law to high school students 90 minutes per week in cooperation with a high school teacher. Subject areas include introduction to law, criminal, juvenile and constitutional rights in the fall; and torts, consumer, family and housing law in the spring.

    You use a variety of methods such as role-plays, group discussions, case studies and mock trials to impart an understanding of legal rights, remedies and concepts of justice. You also assist in researching and writing teaching materials for use by high school students. And you keep a journal which documents and evaluates the teaching experience.

    Attendance at a weekly two hour class is required where you learn both the law and the many methods which are used to teach the law to your students.

    Street Law gives you a chance to get into the community and inform the public. Along the way, you gain experience in explaining legal principles to non-lawyers (a crucial courtroom skill) and you learn the answers to the questions most asked of lawyers by laypersons.

    The texts are the student and teacher editions of Street Law: A Course in Practical Law. This course is offered on a credit/no credit basis only. There is no examination. Open to all second and third year students.

    If you have questions, please contact Prof. Parrucci at

  • Prerequisite: none
  • Evaluation Method: Journals, reflective practice
  • Capstone: no
  • WIE: no