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Clinical Intership Seminar: Western Resources Legal Center (WRLC)

Limit: 3–5 students

The Western Resources Legal Center (WRLC) is currently the nation’s only environmental law center specializing in natural resource users and related issues. The WRLC Internship provides students with a unique opportunity to work with client in resource development businesses, including timber, forestry, mining, and agriculture.  The type and nature of the work depends upon current clients of WRLC.  In past semesters, our students gained legal experience by working with WRLC in matters such as: preparation of a US Supreme Court amicus brief, preparation of comments to government agencies, conducting client interviews, participating in federal hearings, drafting pleadings, motions, appeals, client communications and agreements; and obtaining hands on experience with other community practitioners and industry leaders. 

This internship offers students placements working directly on WRLC cases under the supervision of the full-time WRLC attorney;  Students working directly with WRLC are required to attend and participate in a weekly two-hour class lecture will cover general legal skills, overview of relevant substantive law, and discussion of cases in progress. 

The Internship: WRLC Seminar, is a 4-credit, Credit/No Credit course with no final examination. Students are required to complete a writing requirement, such as work on a brief, or a memo to a client. In most cases, the writing requirement can fulfill the WIE writing requirement. To successfully earn academic credit, students are expected to spend approximately 9-10 hours per week working on WRLC matters to the satisfaction of the supervising attorney. Students do not complete the 9-10 hours a week at the WRLC office. Rather, students may work independently on assigned class work. 

A student must have permission to register.  To apply, submit a letter of interest, a copy of your transcript and a writing sample; include your name, contact information, year in law school, and reasons for your interest in working with WRLC. Please include your name, contact information, year in law school, and reasons for your interest in working with WRLC. If you have a preference regarding placement options, please indicate that in your cover letter too.

The application deadline for either semester is mid-May.  Given the limitation of class size, early applications are encouraged.   Primary considerations are level of interest and year in law school. Late applications may be considered based upon availability.  

Email applications should be sent to Caroline Lobdell,  Hard copy applications are to be mailed to:  WRLC, 5100 SW Macadam, Suite 350, Portland, OR 97239.

Students interested in completing an externship with a WRLC placement in law firms and/or natural resources organizations should contact Career Services to apply for an externship.  You may also contact the executive director of WRLC, Caroline Lobdell by email at or by phone (503-222-0628).   She will assist in finding placements.

For more information,please visit or go to        

Students will not be compensated for work performed in connection with an Internship placement.