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Animal Law Review

ALR’s 8th Annual Symposium

Date: March 15 Location: Law Campus

Law Campus

We are pleased to announce the 8th Annual Animal Law Review Symposium

           This year’s ALR Symposium, Cycles of Violence will focus on the relationship between the exploitation and oppression of animals and the exploitation and oppression of humans from a legal perspective. This topic will be accessible for non-animal law folks, but will also be cutting-edge and informative for veterans in the field.

          General subtopics will address how the oppression and exploitation of humans leads to more violent forms of exploitation and oppression of animals. Speakers will also address how systems of violence against animals exacerbate, and in some cases create, systems of violence against humans, disproportionately against women and communities of color.

       While speakers will address issues of human exploitation, these issues will be discussed solely through the lens of animal law, with the ultimate focus being on the importance of animal law legislation and regulation.


CLE credit information pending (information will be updated as to the CLE credits ASAP).

Agenda and more details to follow 



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