Law School Events and Room Reservations

Please read the policies, guidelines, and resources provided as you begin to plan your event. If your organization is interested in viewing a film, see the Copyright guidelines.

Space Reservation 

Complete and submit one of the forms below to reserve space on the Law School Campus:

  • General Room Request: Primarily for departments, faculty or staff meetings, outside vendors
  • Student Org / Law Review Request: All Student Organizations, SBA, Law Reviews
  • Make up or Review Class Request: For use by faculty and faculty assistants


Student Org/Law Review

Make Up Class

Please wait for your room reservation confirmation to arrive (approximately 3-5 business days).

Important: Reservations requested during the first 2 - weeks of a semester will be handled on a case by case basis. This 2 - week time is an adjustment period for classes (considered the “Add/Drop” time) frequently resulting in classroom changes.

Wait to receive confirmation of space reserved before advertising your meeting or event. Submit information to the Announce Account, create the event in LiveWhale, make a flyer, etc.

  1. If serving food not catered by Bon Appetit, complete the Food Service Waiver (AFTER you receive room confirmation - reservation number required for form).
  2. If there is a plan to serve alcohol, substantial food must be served and a Licensed OLCC server must serve the alcohol. Meet with Linda Lopeman to review the plan - you will need to know all of this before completing and submitting the Alcohol Use Approval Form  (AFTER you receive room confirmation - reservation number required for form): 
  3. Interested in having Bon Appetit cater your meeting or event? Contact Linda Lopeman to make arrangements.
  4. Reserved parking requests, Special Event parking and parking permits for students organizations, contact Linda Lopeman.

Law School Events Office at a Glance

  • Room Reservations (all reservations for the Law School)
  • Room Setup (includes tables, chairs, podium, microphone, recording, etc)
  • Catering assistance
  • Reserved Parking and Signage
  • Special Events details:
    • Off-Campus Venues
    • Photographer / Florist
    • Transportation 
    • Equipment Rentals
    • Special Event Parking Permits