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Publicity & Flyer Guidelines

Below is a list of options for publicizing a department or student organization event within the Law School. Included with each option are guidelines and instructions.

Announce Account

Announcements are sent out daily (Monday - Thursday) to all students, staff and faculty. To have your event/meeting included in the announcements you must email with the following template:


Date, Room / Location, Time

In 50 words or less, describe the event - it is okay to include a link to an outside page that will provide more and/or detailed information. 

LiveWhale event

Once approval has been received for the date, time, and location of your event it can be added to LiveWhale (the Law School’s web browser). Adding an event to LiveWhale will put the event onto the Law School calendar.

To create a livewhale event follow these steps: 


For an event to appear on screens around campus you MUST create an event on LiveWhale first, and then plot the location of the event. There are two locations at the Law School, the LRC reception area and the entrance to Boley Law Library).


Fliers and posters may be displayed in accordance with the following specifications:


Email Lists (Student Organizations)

Invitations/notifications for student organization events may be sent to your organization’s listserv. Most student organizations have a list, which is overseen by a student moderator. For questions regarding listservs, contact the Student Affairs Office.

Law School Events

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