Classroom Guidelines, Capacity & Technology

To accommodate the needs of faculty, law school departments, guest speakers, and student groups, please adhere to the following guidelines for classroom usage. It’s important to keep in mind that academic classes are priority.

All Events / Meetings

Any group using space at the law school is responsible for making sure that the space is clean and clear of all event-related materials upon the conclusion of the event. All trash should be placed in trash cans or recycling bins outside of classrooms. The Events Team will work with you to ensure your room meets your capacity and tech needs.

Lunch Hour Events / Meetings

Start Time: 12:10 PM / End time: 1:10 PM

ALL lunch hour events scheduled in a classroom that is in use until 12:00 PM will have a start time of 12:10 PM or later. No room reservations will be made prior to this time for a lunch-time event, unless the classroom is unoccupied prior to the lunch hour. Groups hosting the event must have a representative onsite no later than 12:00 PM in order to keep event attendees from disrupting classes in anticipation of the event start.

ALL lunch hour events scheduled in a classroom that has a class scheduled to begin at 1:20 PM must end no later than 1:10 PM. This allows time for the room to be cleared and cleaned up by the start of the 1:20 PM class. No room reservations will extend past 1:10 PM unless the classroom is not in use immediately following the event. Please make sure that speakers are aware of this timeline and make allowances in the length of a lecture and for a Q&A, if necessary.

Please note: If the program does not start on time, the end time is not extended. The event must still end by 1:10 PM to accommodate the incoming class; the program must be adjusted accordingly.