Catering Guidelines


The institution’s food service provider, Bon Appetit, is available to provide on-site catering for Law School events and meetings. Contact the Events Team directly for pricing, food options, availability, and to place an order. Catering by Bon Appetit is subject to availability, so please plan early. 


Contact the Events Office for help with catering requests from restaurants other than Bon Appetit. When offsite catering is chosen, the Events Office will work with you to clarify who is responsible for set up, clean up, providing utensils, etc. 


Any time that alcoholic beverages are served (beer, wine, champagne only) at an event, an Alcohol Use Approval Form must be completed and submitted AFTER receiving a room reservation confirmation. The name of the OLCC server who will be at the event is required before submitting the form. If Bon Appetit will be catering then they will supply the OLCC server (put “Bon Appetit” in the server line).

Review the Alcohol Policy before completing the form. Contact the Events Office with any questions regarding this policy.

Submit the completed form at least 5 days prior to your event. You will be contacted only if questions arise.