Vendor Rules

Outside Vendor Access Rules

Definition: An outside vendor includes, but is not limited to, bar review providers,
research providers, or prospective employers related to legal education.

  • Tabling (including sales, contracting, and distribution of materials) may take place only in the Legal Research Center (LRC) Lower Student Lounge.
  • Tabling begins the  2nd week of each semester.
  • One type of vendor (bar review, research provider, etc.) per day.
  • Each vendor may table two days each in the months of September, October, November, January, February, March and April.
  • The time frame to table is 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
  • These days may be devoted to sales and/or provision of information, at the discretion of the individual vendor.
  • Days may be consecutive.  Unused days may not be carried forward.
  • No tabling is allowed during the months of May or December, or after Thanksgiving.
  • Offensive material will not be permitted.
  • The law school reserves the right to amend or cancel a vendor’s planned campus
    visit in the event of a conflict with a law school sponsored event. In the event of a
    cancelation, all reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate a make-up day.
    Tabling, as well as training sessions held in classrooms, must have a reservation. All
    space is reserved via the law school online room reservation request form. Contact
    the law school Events Office (503-768-6899) for information and any questions. The
    vendor is responsible for making sure that any classroom used for a training session
    or meeting is cleaned up at the end of use.
  • Vendors shall schedule with the Events Office no less than 7 days in advance.
  • No tables, exhibits or other displays can be set up at the law school other than where mentioned.
  • Each vendor is entitled to equal access to bulletin boards. Vendors may post up to
    six total items. Items may be posted for up to 30 days. Following an event, or after the                                  30 days, the vendor or a student representative should remove them from the bulletin boards.
  • Vendors intending to conduct business at the law school must inform the Events Office of the                identity of any/all student representative(s) at the law school (name and contact information)                    prior to scheduling space (each academic year).
  • Violation of the above rules by a vendor may result in the suspension or elimination of access at the law school. 
  • The law school does not reserve parking spaces or provide parking permits to vendors.  There are 3 designated “Visitor Parking” spaces on the Law School Campus in the Student Parking Lot (which do require a parking permit). If those spaces are full, you will need to go to the undergraduate campus for parking. ALL visitors to the Lewis & Clark campus must purchase a parking permit online or at a designated kiosk.