Parking Guidelines for Events

There are two aspects of parking at the Law Campus that can be requested for events: reserved parking and permits. Permits are required and reserved parking is optional.


Reserved parking is for meetings, conferences, events, guest speakers, etc. Please note: a reserved parking space does not preclude the need for a parking permit. You still need a permit in a reserved spot.

All requests for reserved parking go through the Law School Events Office either via email ( or via the room reservation form when requesting a space for an event. Please include the name of the guest(s). The Law School does not reserve parking for vendors who come to campus (ex: Barbri, Westlaw, Lexis-Nexis, and Themis).

For class guest speakers: provide date/time, class name, and location of the class along with name of the guest.

In an effort to reduce the impact on employee parking during conferences, special events, and meetings, there is a limit to the number of reserved parking spaces per event; no more than 10 spaces per event, and we strongly encourage participants to carpool or use alternative transportation.

**A minimum 48 hour advance notice is required for all reserved parking spaces, however 3 – 5 business days is better.

Reserved parking will be located in the Employee (Faculty/Staff) Lot; orange signs mark the guest space.

Medical Reserved Accommodations: contact the Associate Dean of Student Affairs Office at 503-768-6610.


Parking permits are required Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 7 PM.

Individual guest permits/passes are available for purchase via:

1) Pay Station QR codes (see locations here)

2) Online through the Transportation & Parking website (prior to guest arriving)

3) Student Organizations: request through the Events Office prior to the event

4) Departments / Faculty: online through the Transportation & Parking website, Faculty Assistant, or Events Office

For larger special events (conferences, symposiums, etc.), reach out to the Events Office for parking permits.

**A minimum 48 hour advance notice is required if working through the Events Office, however 3 – 5 business days is better. If you have questions about #1 or #2, call Transportation & Parking at 503-768-7857.