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Lewis & Clark Law School Ranked #2 in Public Interest Jobs for 2019

September 23, 2020

Lewis & Clark Law School ranks #2 in the nation for full-time, long-term (FTLT), public interest job placement, based on Class of 2019 employment data and ABA Disclosures from all law schools.

According to the Law School Transparency national report, which includes both public interest and government in its public service category, Lewis & Clark Law School ranked #34 in the nation for employment in FTLT “public service” jobs.

Overall, 90% of 2019 graduates are currently employed, with a near-term start date, or pursuing further graduate education.

“Our commitment to public service is a long tradition at Lewis & Clark,” said Dean Jennifer Johnson. “Many of our students come here with the intention to deepen their ability to serve their communities and as they become lawyers, that commitment only gets stronger. We are so proud of the difference our alums make – all around the world.”

Lewis & Clark Law School has a rich history of supporting students interested in public service. The school offers a nationally-recognized public interest law program and a Public Interest Law certification for law students who are interested in working for civil legal services organizations, nonprofit organizations, govern­ment agencies, and other similar entities.

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