Public Interest Law

Public interest law is the practice of law pursued on behalf of both individuals and causes that are not typically served by the for-profit bar. Public interest lawyers serve the public by working for civil legal services organizations, nonprofit organizations, public defense organizations, prosecutors’ offices, government agencies, lobbying for the advancement of human rights, and more.

Public interest work is not confined to any one political ideology; it is work undertaken to advance concepts of justice, fairness, and protection of the public, rather than for purposes of commercial or personal gain. Public interest lawyers seek access to justice for everyone, regardless of their background or income.

Lewis & Clark Law School, The Place for Public Interest Law

Lewis & Clark Law School has a long and rich history of supporting students and alumni interested in public service. We offer a nationally-recognized public interest law program with more than one-third of our recent graduates entering full-time careers in the government or nonprofit sectors. Take a few moments to explore our website and learn about our curriculum, clinics, volunteer and community service opportunities, student activities, and financial assistance programs. We offer a wide array of classes, funding opportunities, experiences, and resources designed to prepare you for a public interest career.

For questions about the Public Interest program at Lewis & Clark, please contact Admissions (prospective students) or Kyle Johnson, Director of Public Interest Law.