Lezak Social Justice Fellowship

Honoring a Legacy of Mentorship and Transforming Lives

Through the Lezak Social Justice Fellowship, the insight, guidance, and encouragement that Sid Lezak provided to so many of Oregon’s greatest citizens passes to a new generation of lawyers. 

Background and Program 

Sid Lezak was one of the longest serving US Attorneys in the history of the United States, the father of alternative dispute resolution in Oregon, an activist, a community servant, and a mentor to many Oregonians. To learn more about Sid Lezak and to hear him tell his own story, we invite you to visit the Oregon Historical Society’s webpage and listen to the oral history recording or read the transcript.

The Lezak Social Justice Fellowship honors his legacy by granting summer stipends to law students to encourage them to serve the Oregon community, and by providing mentorship and guidance to these students. Typically, 4 to 6 students are selected as fellows each year. These students work in every area of public interest law - an experience made possible for many students solely due to the support that the program provides. In turn, fellows provide direct assistance to underserved clients and causes. After graduating, the vast majority of fellows remain in public interest law.

Meet our current and former fellows, mentors, and steering committee.

Students & Prospective Applicants

The Lezak Social Justice Fellowship opens in the Spring semester, with applicants typically selected by April. Learn more about applying for the Lezak Social Justice Fellowship. 

Support the Lezak Social Justice Fellowship

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