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As of 2022, PILP has provided funding for 383 fellow law students, enabling them to accept unpaid public interest positions. 

We keep the doors to public interest work open for all, not just those who can afford to work for free.

Many public interest opportunities for law students are unpaid. As a group of motivated law students, we work together to empower our peers through education and funding so they can pursue their public interest dreams.

Founded in 1990 to help fill the justice gap, PILP has two primary goals:

  1. To educate students about opportunities to practice public interest law, to reinforce their commitment to public interest law, and to cultivate relationships with public interest law practitioners; and
  2. To financially support students and attorneys in their public interest legal work through summer awards and the Loan Repayment Assistance Program.

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Congratulations to PILP’s 2022 Summer Award Recipients!

The 2023 Summer Award Application will be available Spring 2023.

Questions about awards? See the quick guide to requirements* or the extended FAQ.