PILP’s Executive Board is made up of motivated law students. Our Officers have varying legal interests that represent the many facets within public interest law.

Jessie Holmes ’23, President

Legal Interest(s): Environmental Justice & Natural Resources Protection JMH

“PILP gives me hope. It is fulfilling and energizing to be a part of this group of motivated, optimistic, and determined students in pursuit of bettering our societal well-being while empowering fellow students to pursue their dreams. What we all have in common, despite different backgrounds and interests, is the desire to make the world a better place for all. Through bettering the community directly as a group or indirectly by helping others overcome systemic barriers to do the same, PILP is a reminder of the impact individuals can make when they come together on behalf of the greater good.”

Faith Fox ’23, Vice President

Legal Interest(s): Low-income Civil Litigation FF

“It is my personal goal to do good with my legal knowledge, and partnering with PILP is consistent with that goal. PILP stands out as a student organization with a positive reach beyond our campus. Together we promote public interest law and improve opportunities for people to serve others. What could be better?”

Loren Naldoza ’25, Secretary

Legal Interest(s): Environmental Law, Natural Resource Law, & Tax Law

“I love PILP because we help give our classmates the financial ability to take on great opportunities in public service that would otherwise not be available!”

Adonis Matlock ’24, Auction Co-Director

Legal Interest(s): Criminal Defense, Immigration Law, & Civil Rights. I’m all about working with folks in need to right the wrongs in our system.

“There are so many bright and motivated people out there who share the same dreams, but are routinely stopped by systemic obstacles like financial accessibility. I love being a part of PILP because we help make public interest work accessible to those who can’t afford it, and help others who weren’t interested in it at first see how impactful and fulfilling this kind of work can be.”

Bradlee Valandra ’24, Auction Co-Director

Legal Interest(s): International Environmental Law, Animal Law, & Civil Rights

Stephanie Grayce ’23, Director of Awards

Legal Interest(s): Barrier Reduction, Family Law, Estate Planning, & Justice Reform

“I love that PILP is dedicated to supporting Lewis & Clark Law Students in their pursuit of a variety of public interest work. So many of my classmates want to dedicate their law careers to helping others, particularly those without the means to seek legal help (most often because they are from marginalized communities) but struggle to find ways to make ends meet in that professional pursuit. PILP is a lifeline for these students and has been a lifeline for me!”

Kat Anderson ’24, Community Outreach Coordinator

Legal Interest(s): Labor/employment Law, Civil Rights, & reducing legal barriers that keep people in poverty.

“I love how broad public interest work is and its purpose of serving the community!”

Mariah Hogan ’24, Project Manager [1L Team Lead]

Legal Interest(s): Public Defense and Family Law

“I LOVE PILP because it empowers and enables our students to work in public interest law and thereby change the world during their summers while contemporaneously getting their feet wet in the local legal community - many, for the first time. I LOVE that PILP allows for this type of win-win for students AND our community!”

Elexis Kain ’24, Volunteer Coordinator

Legal Interest(s): Public Defense and Renewable Energy Law

“PILP rocks because it gave me the chance to meet other public interest minded students and practicing attorneys, serve others, and take a summer opportunity at an awesome public defense office which would have been otherwise financially unfeasible for me. I’ve cherished my time as a PILP board member and am looking forward to all the incredible work the org will do this upcoming year!”

Cassie St. George ’25, Auction Outreach Coordinator

Class of 2025; Legal Interest(s): Employment Law, Contract Drafting, & Tribal Law

“I love PILP because one of my core philosophies is that legal representation should not be dictated by your income. I deeply enjoy giving my time to help fill this gap for households in need.”

Join the Team!

PILP is hiring for the following Executive Board Positions for the upcoming 2022-2023 year. Please email with questions on how to apply.

  • Treasurer
  • Procurement Co-Director(s)
  • Sponsorship Director
  • Marketing Director
  • Auction Marketing Assistant
  • 1L Pod Representatives