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Edward Sullivan

Adjunct Law Faculty


Edward Sullivan specialized in land use law for over 45 years and is now retired from practice. Before going into private practice, he served as Assistant County Counsel and County Counsel for Washington County, Oregon, and as Legal Counsel to the Governor of Oregon.  Over the course of Mr. Sullivan’s career, he has taught and mentored countless law and land use planning students, as well as published a body of work that aims to explain land use law in Oregon and beyond.

Mr. Sullivan has taught planning law at Lewis and Clark since 1989, first a seminar and now the Planning Law course.  He has also taught at Willamette University College of Law for seven years and in the graduate planning program at Portland State University for forty-three years.

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Previous Courses:

Land Use Planning - Fall, 1989 - 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Specialty Areas and Course Descriptions

Land Use Planning - Fall 2020