Sam Pope

Class of 2019



Lawrence, Kansas


BA in Chemistry & Minor in Philosophy

How I Became Interested in Animal Law: 

I became interested in animal welfare at a young age, becoming a vegetarian at 8 and a vegan in college. During college I had no intention of making a career out animal law, and I saw veganism as more of a personal moral choice. I became very interested in prion diseases (like mad cow disease) and had originally planned to pursue a doctorate in chemistry, hoping to focus on the biochemistry of neurological disorders. However, I became highly dissuaded by the prevalence of the use of rats and other animals to study these diseases, and I knew that I could not do that for a living.

After college I worked as a manager at a nonprofit organization assisting adults with learning disabilities for 2 years. I also volunteered with a local hospice group and an animal shelter. I did some soul-searching and realized that what really brought me joy was helping those who could not help themselves—and who is more helpless than the billions of animals exploited and killed by humans every year? I quickly found Lewis & Clark and learned about the animal law program, and now here I am.

SALDF at Lewis and Clark School of Law:

SALDF is an amazing group with some of the most compassionate & intelligent students around. If you are considering a career in animal law, SALDF is a great way to meet and connect with the leaders (and future leaders) in the animal law community. Even if you aren’t planning on a career in animal law, I would highly encourage law students at L&C to get involved with SALDF. Animal law is interwoven with essentially all fields of law and SALDF can help you make those connections to reach your career goals. Whether you want to work in big law or go solo, do litigation work or transactional, come join SALDF!