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Archived Class Rank Sheets

Effective Spring 2004 Lewis & Clark Law faculty created this ranking procedure.

Class Level Defined:
Day and evening students are ranked together. The class levels are First Year (1L), Upper Division (2L) and Graduating Class (3L). The class level is based on the level of completion of the juris doctor program. The Graduating Class (3L) will be assigned to the students who have applied for graduation for the current academic year without regard to how many years they have been enrolled. The class level First Year (1L) will be assigned to students who started the first year of law school in the fall of the current academic year. The class level Upper Division (2L) will be assigned to anyone who is not in the First Year class (1L) or the Graduating class (3L). For the purpose of class level identification the current academic year begins fall semester each year.

Ranking Procedure:
All enrolled students are ranked after each fall and spring semester in the class level that applies to them, except for first year students who are not ranked during their first year. Each semester ranking includes all grades and incompletes received by the date listed on the percentage chart for each class. Make up grades received after that date will be included in the next semester ranking.

Only the top 25% of each class level is individually ranked. This rank is based on the cumulative GPA.

Access the student category listed above to receive a data sheet showing what GPA would qualify a person to be in the top 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 33 1/3% and 50% of each class level. This sheet has both the cumulative GPA and the yearly GPA listed. A data sheet is prepared each semester so that all students can identify their rank by percentage. This data sheet is also publicly available to employers and others who request it. Rank is not listed on individual transcripts, however, students may request their individual rank at the Registrar’s office.