The Intellectual Property Law Program is fortunate to have a complement of distinguished full time and adjunct faculty. Our faculty members excel both as scholars and as teachers. Close faculty-student interaction fosters a team study approach, exemplifying the cooperative learning environment at Lewis & Clark Law School.

Below are links to the official biography and bibliography of each full-time professor.

Intellectual Property Law

Tabrez Ebrahim Headshot

Tabrez Ebrahim

Associate Professor of Law

Douglas Newell

Edmund O. Belsheim Professor of Law Emeritus
Lydia Loren

Lydia Loren

Henry J. Casey Professor of Law

Adjunct Faculty

Paul Ehrlich Adjunct Law Faculty

Paul Ehrlich

Adjunct Law Faculty
Adjunct Professor David Silverman

David Silverman

Adjunct Law Faculty

Matt Levin

Adjunct Law Faculty