IP In The Trees

Our knowledge and understanding of intellectual property law advances in complex ways. Insightful scholarship contributes to the progress of the law by investigating doctrines and the competing policies they reconcile and embody.

Lewis & Clark Law School is proud to host this scholarly workshop series that aims to bring a mix of senior scholars and rising stars to our campus for enriching, challenging conversations with our faculty, our students, and the local IP bar. For over a decade, the workshops have provided a forum for scholars to discuss their ideas and to receive feedback from readers who take a genuine interest in their papers.  The Intellectual Property in the Trees workshop is made possible through the generous support of Kay Kitagawa and Andy Jonson-Laird.

This Year’s Speakers

Ryan Calo
March 2, 2023, 12:00pm - 1:15pm
Legal Research Center, Faculty Reading Room

Ryan Calo

Law and Technology in Theory and Practice

Melissa Feeney Wasserman
February 7, 2023, 12:00pm - 1:15pm
Legal Research Center, Faculty Reading Room

Melissa Feeney Wasserman

Deadlines vs. Continuous Incentives: Evidence from the Patent Office



List of Past Speakers

February 2020

Andrew Gilden

March 2018

Lisa Ramsey

September 2016

Patrick R. Goold

October 2015

Robert Brauneis

October 2014

Jorge L. Contreras

February 2014

Lionel Bently

September 2013

Ryan G. Vacca

February 2013

Edward Lee

April 2012

Zahr Said

February 2012

Dan L. Burk

April 2011

Annemarie Bridy

February 2011

Harry Surden

September 2019

Isabella Alexander

October 2017

Irina Manta

February 2017

Adam Mossoff

September 2016

Joseph S. Miller

April 2015

Glynn Lunney

November 2014

Kristelia A. Garcia

March 2014

Peter Lee

September 2013

Margaret Chon

March 2012

Stacey L. Dogan

January 2012

Ted Sichelman

March 2011

Rebecca Tushnet