Coronavirus Information and Update: Fall 2021 Plans

Lezak Legacy Fellowship

Through the Lezak Legacy Fellowship, the insight, guidance, and encouragement that Sid Lezak provided to so many of Oregon’s greatest citizens will pass to a new generation. Meet our present and past fellows. 


Sid Lezak was one of the longest serving US Attorneys in the history of the United States, the father of alternative dispute resolution in Oregon, an activist, a community servant, and a mentor to many Oregonians. The Lezak Legacy Fellowship is designed to honor his legacy by granting summer stipends to law students to encourage them to serve the Oregon community, and by providing mentorship and guidance to these students. Typically 4 to 5 students are selected as fellows each year.

To learn more about Sid Lezak and to hear him tell his own story, we invite you to visit the Oregon Historical Society’s webpage and listen to the oral history recording or read the transcript

Summer Awards

Fellows will be given summer awards of up to $5,000. Recipients must be Lewis & Clark law students who will be returning to Lewis & Clark in the fall. Recipients may augment summer awards and salaries from other sources; however, students may not receive both a PILP Summer Award and a Lezak Summer Award in the same year. The Lezak Legacy Committee will select recipients from applications received following interviews with finalists. Summer 2021 applications are closed; new applications will be available in Spring 2022. 


The Lezak Legacy Committee will match recipients with mentors from the Oregon legal community.

Recipient Obligations

Recipients are required to complete at least 350 hours of work with their host during the summer and are required to meet individually with their mentor(s) and participate in group mentor events during the summer in Portland. 

Hosts and Work

Hosts must be nonprofit organizations, government offices, or tribal entities. Work must significantly utilize the student’s skills and knowledge gained as a law student; however, the work need not directly connect to legal representation. Work must be completed during the summer.

Payment and Taxes

Summer Awards are taxable income and will be paid in a single lump sum to recipients. Lewis & Clark must report payment via IRS Form 1099-MISC. There will be no withholding, and recipients will be responsible for saving funds to pay state and federal income tax if any.


How to apply:

  1. Download and fill out an online application, available in Spring 2022.
  2. Make a single PDF of the application form, a resume, print out of classes and grades from WebAdvisor, and a statement of no more than two pages describing the nature of the work you will be conducting over the summer, the need for that work, your connection to the work, how your background makes you well suited to the work, and/or your unique qualifications for the work.
  3. Email your application to Lexie Zirschky, Director of Public Interest Law, at

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