Immigration Student Group (ISG)

The Immigration Student Group (ISG) seeks to connect students to the local immigration law community and to the immigrant rights movement. ISG coordinates regular volunteer trips to family detention centers in Texas and to Tijuana, Mexico to provide legal support to immigrants and families at critical points in the asylum process. ISG also organizes students to provide remote support for immigrants pursuing release from immigration detention through the BorderX program, connects students with local volunteer opportunities, and organizes lectures about current events in immigrant rights and immigration law.

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2022-2023 Executive Board

President: Nathan Dunn
Vice President: Kristine Quint
Treasurer: Grace Gosz
Event Coordinator: Rachel Ballard
Secretary: Beth Sethi
Volunteer Coordinator: Jess Olave


Faculty Advisor: Juliet Stumpf

U.S. Mexico Border seen from Tijuana, Mexico
ISG students volunteered for Al Otro Lado in Tijuana, Mexico
January 2020 | ISG student volunteers traveled to Tijuana, Mexico to support Al Otro Lado’s work with asylum seekers turned away at the border

Past ISG Leadership:

2019-2020 Executive Board

Co-Directors: Ruth Campbell & Jessica Gutierrez

Treasurer: Monet Gonnerman

Secretary: Mara Bauermeister

Fundraising Chair: Ashley Needham

BorderX Chair: Michael Vafa

Projects Chair: Sophie Shady-Farnsworth

1L Representatives: Jemila Mohamed & Allison Moeller


2018-2019 Executive Board

President: Teresa Smith

Treasurer: Ryan Willett

Media Coordinator: Sophie Shaddy-Farnsworth

Projects Committee: Michael Vafa & Ashley Needham

1L Representatives: Ruth Campbell & Monet Gonnerman


2017-2018 Executive Board

Co-Directors: Cecilia Anguiano & Favio Perez

Events Chair: Teresa Smith

Fundraising Chair: Diane Nguyen

Media Coordinator: Natalie Barringer

Projects Committee: Demi Jacques & Hugo Gonzalez-Venegas

1L Representative: Sophie Shaddy-Farnsworth


2016-2017 Executive Board

President: Cecilia Anguiano

Vice President: Michael Reyes

Volunteer Director: Tessa Copeland

Treasurer: Britanie Martinez

1L Representative: Natalie Barringer