1.1.  The name of this organization shall be Lewis & Clark Law Revue.

Purpose & Goals

2.1.  Lewis & Clark Law Revue shall be an artistic, musical, and theatrical parody troupe dedicated to the humorous showcase of legal understanding.

2.2.  The organization’s activities shall illuminate legal concepts through the production of songs, films, plays, or other creative expressions.

2.3.  The organization’s goal shall be to execute at least one production per semester for the enjoyment of the Lewis & Clark Law School community.

2.4.  Content of productions must be in good taste and may never personally embarrass or humiliate any member of the Lewis & Clark community without consent.


3.1.  Membership shall be open to all students, faculty, and staff of Lewis & Clark Law School.

Leadership & Elections

4.1.  An individual or a committee of not more than three individuals shall lead the organization as Emcee(s).

4.2.  Members shall vote in April to elect Emcee(s) for the following academic year. Members shall cast anonymous ballots and may vote for up to three candidates.

4.3.  The Emcee(s) shall be the three highest vote getters resulting from the aforementioned election, or the two highest vote getters if there are only two candidates, or the highest vote getter if there is only one candidate.

4.4.  The term for Emcee(s) resulting from an election shall be one academic year.

4.5.  The Emcee(s) shall be responsible for calling and running meetings.


5.1.  Lewis & Clark Law Revue shall meet as frequently as necessary to meet its production goal.

5.2.  Upon the completion of a production, members are encouraged to present new ideas for the next production.

5.3.  The Emcee(s) shall select productions for execution from member suggestions.

5.4.  Meetings may take place on-campus or off-campus.


6.1.  Any funding directed for the organization’s use must be used in an endeavor pursuant to the organization’s goals, or for meals at membership meetings.

Amendments & Ratification

7.1.  Members may propose amendments to by-laws at the first meeting of the fall semester each academic year.

7.2.  By-laws shall be ratified by a majority-wins vote at the conclusion of the first meeting of the fall semester each academic year.