November 10, 2017

Mentoring the Next Generation

Click here to see how students assist with every aspect of our work.

As part of our mission to increase the capacity to serve victims, we host undergraduate and graduate interns and teach law students in Lewis & Clark Law School’s Crime Victim Litigation Clinic.  These students learn from experts and community partners, such as Mary Elledge with the local chapter of Parents of Murdered Children (seen pictured), and assist with every aspect of our work.  

This term’s students assisted with efforts including:

  • research to support an amicus curiae filing in support of victims’ right to restitution in a California environmental crimes case
  • drafting a sample motion to stay or quash civil discovery
  • marketing and hosting in-person trainings
  • analysis of marketing & communications.

The work of these students goes a long way toward securing a fair and just criminal justice system!