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Academic Resources and Diversity

Welcome to the Academic Resources & Diversity Department at Lewis & Clark Law School. 

Academic Resources & Diversity is committed to providing quality academic support services and information relating to both law school and college-wide resources to support law students at every level of their academic career. 

We are committed to ensuring that Lewis & Clark Law School is creating an environment that celebrates diversity and inclusion both in and out of the classroom. Our programs and resources focus on creating equitable access for all students while allowing individual law students to tailor their support needs to meet their goals. 

Some of the programs Academic Resources & Diversity invite students to participate in: 

  • Academic Teaching Fellow Sessions for First Year Courses
  • AEP and Summer Institute 
  • Study Strategies and Exam Preparation Workshops
  • One-on-One Outlining and Exam Prep

Please feel free to contact the Director of Equity, Inclusion & Academic Resources by email or Book an Appointment (current students only) if you have any questions.