AEP Summer Institute

Join us for the next Summer Institute in August 2024!

Summer Institute

Every year, the Academic Enhancement Program offers an intensive course to incoming first-year law students known as the Summer Institute. The institute accepts approximately forty applicants each year to participate in workshops covering:

  • Basic legal concepts and analytical tools.
  • Real first-year lectures from Lewis & Clark faculty.
  • Exam skills, including a mock exam.
  • Time and stress management techniques.
  • An introduction to academic and other resources available to help you succeed and thrive in your first year of law school.
  • An opportunity to engage and network with your fellow 1L’s, alums and Lewis & Clark faculty and staff!

If you are an AEP alumnus and want to join us for a panel, please contact us.


All incoming 1L students may apply to participate. The Summer Institute offers a week-long introduction to the academic rigors, supportive services, culture, and demands of law school. However, while all incoming students may apply, the Summer Institute is space-limited and is typically able to accommodate 40 students.

The 2024 application will be available in Summer 2024. You must be logged in with your email address to complete the application. 

If more than 40 students apply, a committee may determine which applicants can attend. The most important factors to the committee will be those that indicate the legal profession and law school are likely to be a new or challenging environment. In selecting participants for the program, the committee considers whether:

a) The student is the first in their family to attend college;

b) English is the student’s second language;

c) The student has limited experience with the legal profession;

d) The student has been out of college for many years; and the student will face other cultural and social challenges in their transition into law school.

Those who apply and are accepted to the program are expected to participate fully. Applicants who are not selected are welcome to participate in all other aspects of the AEP.