Bar Examinations

The Registrar has the authority to certify eligible students as meeting the requirements to sit for a bar examination. Each state requires certification. See the state regulations for certification to determine how and when certification is to be submitted. Please note: If you graduate on time in May we will prepare and submit, without a special request, a certificate for the upcoming Oregon July bar. Please make sure your student account is clear.

Rules for admission to all state Bars are available at the Registrar’s and Career Services’ Offices. Registration for the Oregon Bar is due October 31 for the February bar and March 31 for the July bar.

The complete rules and admission packets for admission to the Oregon State Bar are available at the Oregon State Board of Bar Examiners, 16037 SW Upper Boones Ferry Rd., Tigard, Oregon 97224. The telephone number is

(503) 620-0222 ext. 410. Web-address, Website for American Bar Association:

Additional telephone numbers for state bar offices are:

Oregon requires the Multistage Professional Responsibility examination, as do 38 other states. Information packets with registration material for this examination are available at the Registrar’s Office. The examination is offered four times a year. Many students take it in February of their final year.