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What’s What Law Student Handbook

Intellectual Property Law

The *certificate in Intellectual Property Law, awarded to qualified Lewis & Clark Law School students upon graduation, recognizes successful curriculum concentration in the field of intellectual property law. Students who believe they will fulfill the requirements set forth below must, in order to be awarded a Certificate, complete an application form that is available from the Registrar.

This requirement is subject to change depending upon any changes in the grading system or required mean that might be adopted by the faculty.

Students qualify for a Certificate in Intellectual Property Law by satisfying the course, writing, and grade point average requirements set forth below.

A. Course Requirements

1) To obtain the certificate, a student must satisfactorily complete: Antitrust Law, and the Intellectual Property Law Survey.

2) In addition, a student must satisfactorily complete one course from among the following three courses: Copyright Law; Patent Law and Policy; or Trademark Law. Note: One should take the Intellectual Property Law Survey prior to taking the courses listed in This is so because no student may obtain credit for the Intellectual Property Law Survey class if s/he has already completed and/or is concurrently enrolled in two or more of the following courses: Copyright Law, Patent Law and Policy and Trademark Law.

3) In addition, a student must obtain additional credits in courses approved for the Certificate in Intellectual Property Law. For students starting fall 2006, six (6) credits must be completed. Students starting prior to fall 2006, must complete 5 credits. A minimum of three of these additional credits must be in approved classroom courses or seminars, and this minimum of three credits must not be graded on a credit/no credit basis.

Finally, course credit may be allowed, in the sole discretion of the Program Directory, for one course of up to three credits taken at another law school. In the event the Program Director allows such course credit, only the credit hours earned for that course will be applied to determining overall eligibility for the certificate; the grade earned in the course will not be used to determine the student’s grade point average in certificate courses.

B. Writing Requirement

To obtain the certificate, a student must complete one substantial research paper satisfying the following criteria:

  1. The paper must concern a topic relating directly to intellectual property law.
  2. The paper must satisfy the criteria for the “A writing requirement.”
  3. The paper must be written for graded credit while at Lewis & Clark Law School.

The Director of the Program has sole discretion to determine whether a student paper meets the foregoing criteria. A student with questions about whether a proposed paper will qualify under these criteria should consult with the Program Director about such questions as early as is practicable.

C. Grade Point Requirement

To obtain the certificate, a student must maintain a grade point average of B (3.00) or better in all courses that are taken to satisfy the requirements for the certificate. For the complete listing of courses that qualify for the Intellectual Property Certificate see the website, also application and paper component forms.