International Law Faculty

Interdisciplinary. Dynamic. Accessible.

The International Law Program features faculty members who are leading scholars and outstanding teachers in international and comparative law, as well as related fields.  Our faculty members draw on their practical experience and scholarly engagement with the subjects they teach.  The faculty maintains a policy of accessibility and open communication with students from their first year through graduation.  If you have questions about how your area of interest intersects with international law, please feel free to contact any of our faculty members.


International Law

Professor Lisa Benjamin

Lisa Benjamin

Associate Professor of Law

Pamela Frasch

Professor of Law and the Brooks McCormick Jr. Scholar of Animal Law and Policy

Kathleen M. Maloney

Visiting Professor

Chris Wold

Professor of Law

George K. Foster

Professor of Law

Erica Lyman

Clinical Professor of Law, Global Law Alliance for Animals and the Environment

Rajesh K. Reddy

Assistant Professor of Law and Animal Law Program Director