Here at Lewis & Clark Law School, diversity is about connections, lived experiences, and interactions that enrich our learning environment, our profession, and our lives. To be sure, experiencing diversity in Portland, Oregon is not something to be taken for granted. But rather than listing facts about our diverse community, we will let our community speak to the connections and resources that have defined their experiences at Lewis & Clark.

  • Immigration Law Students will discuss their experiences in Dilley, TX on NPR’s Think Out Loud at noon tomorrow, Tuesday, April 8th.
  • Professor ; Class of ‘94
    Subjects: Legal Writing, Race & the Law
    I chose to attend Lewis & Clark Law School because prior to law school, I and others met Professor Steve Johansen, Director of the Legal Analysis and Writing Program, who warmly and reassuringly explained to us that we could do law school. Professor Johansen’s personal approach is emblematic of the “people first” attitude at our law school that helps create a sense of community.
  • Professor Aliza Kaplan
    Associate Professor, Joined Lewis & Clark in 2011
    Subjects: Legal Writing, Public Interest Lawyering and Wrongful Convictions
    Unlike in Brooklyn, one has to make a point to search for diversity here in Portland (it is not handed to you), I have found that it does exist and that many are looking for it.  In fact, starting a new life here where I don’t take diversity and differences for granted have made me think about their importance differently and added value to my journey.
  • Student, Class of 2014
    I feel as though I have an opportunity to celebrate my culture through student groups or on-campus activities, such as the events that Lewis and Clark organizes each year for Black History Month. While the student body is respectful and appreciative of the different cultures and backgrounds represented by each individual student, one’s minority status is only as prominent as that student desires.
  • Partner at Green, Howard, & Mughal LLP; Class of ’09
    Academic help in the form of out-of-class tutorials supplemented any deficiency I felt with English as a second language. I sincerely believe that hard work and the engaging environment at Lewis & Clark Law School prepared me well for a successful career as an attorney.