Joining Animal Law Review

There are three ways that Lewis & Clark Law School students can join Animal Law Review.

Grading On: Each year Animal Law Review, Environmental Law Review, and Lewis & Clark Law Review invite students who finish their first year in the top 10-15% of their class to join a law review of their choice. The exact percentage of students that will receive offers based on their class rank will range from year to year, depending on staffing needs and the size of the eligible class.

Writing On: A number of students are invited to join each of the three law reviews each year based on their performance in a joint summer writing competition. Outside of the Registrar’s confirmation that competition participants meet the 2.3 GPA minimum requirement, the applicant’s GPA is not considered in the writing competition. Students’ preferences as to which law review they would like to join are considered but not guaranteed. More detailed information on the write-on process is released via campus announcements in after spring exams.

Volunteer Source Checking: Animal Law Review offers a unique experience by allowing students to join and help source check articles in their first year of law school. This is a great opportunity for first-year students to gain legal research and citation experience. In the fall of each year, Animal Law Review holds a source checking and editing competition to determine who will be invited to work on the law review during the spring semester on a volunteer (not for academic credit) basis. A number of these students will be invited to join the staff as Associate Editors or as Board Members (if elected) the following year due to their performance as source checkers.

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