Every year, Animal Law Review hosts a symposium featuring thoughtful discussions on various topics in animal law. Our 12th annual symposium, Hold Your Horses: Legal Protections for Equines, was held primarily virtually on Friday, March 10th, 2023.

Watch the presentations here:

Presentations given at this year’s Symposium:

Litigating Horse Personhood: Justice v. Vercher by Matthew Liebman

Project Reckless: Giving a Decorated U.S. War Horse the Veteran Burial She Deserves by Dylan Clark & Jamie McLaughlin

Background and Current Status of Wild Horses and Burros by Fernando Guerra

How the American Wild Horse Campaign used FOIA to Uncover a Slaughter Pipeline by Amelia Perrin

Protecting America’s Wild Horses and Burros Through Legislation by Holly Gann Bice

Federal Legislation and the Campaign to Ban the Sale of “Ejiao” in the United States by Alfonso Lopez

Legal Solutions to the Night-mares of the Carriage Horses Industry by Kate Schultz

Ending the Slaughter of America’s Horses by Joanna Grossman

Since 2021 the Symposium has been recorded—you can view details about those events and the recordings here.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about past or upcoming Symposiums, please contact Suzannah Smith, Symposium Editor of Animal Law Review, at