Our Past Symposiums

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2023: Hold Your Horses: Legal Protection for Equines

Every year, Animal Law Review hosts a symposium featuring thoughtful discussions on various topics in animal law. Our 12th annual symposium, Hold Your Horses: Legal Protections for Equines, was held primarily virtually on Friday, March 10th, 2023.

2022: Progress & Perseverance in Animal Law

The 2022 symposium speakers celebrated some of the accomplishments made in various fields of animal law, while acknowledging the ongoing work in those fields. We heard from experts in wildlife conservation, animal agriculture, intersectional advocacy, and animal ethics.

2021: At the Crossroads: Fighting for Change in an Interconnected World

The 2021 Symposium addressed the interconnected nature of animal law and how our movement can partner with other social justice movement to achieve greater equity for all.