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Anniversary Volume Twenty-Five 2018-2019


Editorial Board

Co-Editors in Chief

Frances Chrzan


Frances is a third-year law student from the Chicago area. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and History at Indiana University. She has always been passionate about animal rights and after years of working with various animal shelters and organizations, she decided to move to Portland to study animal law. Frances is now pursuing the Animal Law Certificate. Frances joined ALR as a 1L, and in her second year, organized the 7th Annual Animal Law Review Symposium as a member of the Editorial Board. She’s excited for the opportunity to serve as this year’s Co-Editor in Chief. In her first-year summer, Frances interned with a criminal defense attorney, and in her second-year summer, she clerked for the Captive Animal Law Enforcement division of the PETA Foundation. Frances enjoys vegan food, relaxing with her friends, and spending time with her two wonderful ferrets, Slevin Kelevra and Justice Cardozo, and her no-eyed dog, Totti.








Adrienne Craig

Adrienne is a third year student originally from Colorado. She received a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Washington and spent 6 years working as a cat care coordinator, and then operations manager at a non-profit cat rescue in Seattle. The year before she began at Lewis & Clark Law, Adrienne worked as an animal caregiver at a farmed animal sanctuary in Northern California. This time spent at the sanctuary solidified her commitment to using the law to protect factory farmed animals. Adrienne joined ALR as a first year volunteer source checker and then served as Submissions Editor for Volume 24 of Animal Law. She has worked as a legal intern at For All Animals and also in the Farm Animal Department at Animal Welfare Institute in Washington, D.C. She spends her time outside of class working as assistant to two Lewis & Clark Law staff/faculty members, reading, cooking tasty vegan food and being slave to the whims of her cat, Snyder (not pictured).

Managing Editors

Anna Fugate



Anna is a 2L from Mesa, Arizona. She earned a B.A. in Philosophy, Arts, & Letters from Northern Arizona University. While an undergraduate, she participated in an independent study where she lived outside for two years in the redwoods of San Francisco, California. Additionally, she was an intern at Rainforest Action Network and a math tutor for K-college students. Before coming to Lewis & Clark, she formed two small businesses with her fiancé, which she continues to manage. Anna was a volunteer source checker for ALR her 1L year. She has always had deep empathy and respect for animal lives, first becoming a vegetarian at age 8. She spent her 1L summer as a research assistant to a professor, an intern at the Small Business Legal Clinic, and an intern at the Multnomah County Circuit Court. She enjoys taking her dogs Tut Pi (front) and Rocky (right) for walks, listening to the Grateful Dead, and reading and writing while Rocky lies under her desk and Tut Pi chases his automatic laser light.




Emma Therrien

Emma is a second-year law student from Eastern Massachusetts. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and lived in New York City before moving to Portland to attend Lewis & Clark for her JD. In New York, she worked as a veterinarian’s assistant at a hospital for neonatal kittens.

Emma joined Animal Law Review as a volunteer source checker for issue 24.2. She spent her 1L summer taking animal law classes and serving as the co-managing editor for the Journal’s first summer edition. Emma lives in Portland with her boyfriend and their two cats, July and Birdie. (They will not pose together for a photo.) Emma enjoys textile arts, reading fiction, and staying up all night doing crossword puzzles.









Business Editor

Rebecca Richman

Rebecca is a third-year law student from Los Angeles, California. She earned a B.A. in Anthropology from Reed College and came to Lewis and Clark to study law, where she has found an interest in tax and business law. Before serving as the Business Editor, Rebecca joined Animal Law Review as a volunteer source checker and then served as an associate editor.  While at Lewis and Clark, Rebecca has worked as a research assistant and is a founding member of the Lewis and Clark tax law society. In her free time she enjoys the outdoors, baking, and reading. She reluctantly leaves her dear cat, Kai, at home in LA.




Symposium Editor

Caitlin Skurky

Caitlin is a second-year law student hailing from a small mountain town in Colorado, though she considers Portland her home. Caitlin received a B.A. in International Studies from Portland State University, where she focused on African Studies and Black Studies, and learned to speak fluent Swahili. Caitlin worked her way through undergrad by teaching acting and modeling, and in her spare time, interned at an independent publishing center.

After graduating Portland State University with honors, Caitlin worked at a long-term residential facility for commercially sexually exploited children, which she still considers the most challenging and rewarding experience of her life. Caitlin later transitioned into therapeutic foster care, where she designed and implemented trainings for therapeutic foster parents and staff. Caitlin is deeply passionate about both human and nonhuman animal rights and welfare, and hopes to use her law degree to dismantle systems of oppression inherent in the legal framework.

In her 1L year at Lewis & Clark, Caitlin served as a source checker on ALR, helped co-found the Oregon Justice Resource Center Weekly Digest, worked as a research assistant for Dean Parry, and was elected the Student Bar Association’s Diversity Committee Student Representative. During her 1L summer, Caitlin worked at the Oregon Innocence Project, and in the spring will work as a legislative intern at the OCDLA for the spring legislative session. Caitlin is excited to serve as ALR’s Symposium Editor this year, and has big plans for the 8th Annual Animal Law Symposium!

When Caitlin is not studying or working, she enjoys writing music, canoodling with her best friend (a three-pound special-needs poodle named Cava), reading thick novels in the backyard with her two chickens, and livin’ that vegan life with her partner of nine years.


Submissions Editors

Madison Steffey

Madison  is a second-year law student from Colorado. She graduated from Metropolitan State University with a B.S. in biology and moved to Portland a year later to pursue Lewis & Clark’s animal law program. Her first year was spent as a volunteer source checker for Animal Law Review and as a member of the Lewis & Clark Law School Animal Legal Defense Fund. This year she hopes to advance the goals of Animal Law Review as a Submissions Editor and help animals as External Projects Chair of the schools ALDF chapter. In her spare time, Madison enjoys going to the movies, eating good vegan food, exploring Portland, and playing with her crazy pups Rocket and Lightning.









Sam Pope

Samuel Pope is a third-year law student from Lawrence Kansas where he earned his bachelors in chemistry from the University of Kansas. Sam has been interested in animal rights from a young age, and came to Lewis & Clark Law school because of the strong animal law program.

Other than Animal Law Review, Sam is also involved with Student Animal Legal Defense Fund and serves on the board of the Oregon Trial Lawyers Association, Lewis & Clark Chapter. Since his 1L year, Sam has been working for a Plaintiff’s firm in Portland, helping injured people with personal injury and civil rights litigation.

Sam spends most of his spare time entertaining his two dogs, hiking, camping, cooking delicious vegan food, and catching up on Netflix.



Form & Style Editors

James Carlson

James is a third-year law student from Stafford, Virginia. In 2016, he earned his B.A. for Christopher Newport University in English and Philosophy, with a minor in Philosophy of Law. As a law student, he work as an extern for the Department of Defense, Office of the Deputy Counsel, Energy, Environment, and Installations in Washington D.C. With a focus in Environmental Law, James hopes to work for the government in its application of current-existing U.S. environmental statutes or for a public interest law firm. Before becoming a Form and Style Editor, James joined Animal Law Review in 2017 as a Source Checker. James enjoys movies, books, and a good (or free) cup of coffee.  





Karen Martens
Karen is a 2L at Lewis & Clark, from Corvallis Oregon. After beginning her Bachelors in history at the University of Tennessee she finished it at Oregon State. She chose to go to Law School to follow a career she has wanted to pursue since childhood. Originally she was looking to study environmental law, but after an internship with Fred Meyer’s legal department has chosen to go into corporate law after graduation. Animals have been a huge part of her life and she was happy to be chosen as a 1L volunteer source checker last year. Now she is the current co form & style editor, hoping to continue to help spread the word about Animal Law and her passion for animals through this journal. Feel free to ask her questions you may have at any time, especially if they involve her dog, Peyton, or Cat, Marshawn.








Associate Editors

Adam Wolfe

Andrew Linden

Teresa Smith

Sara Feld

Cristina Kladis

Tess Vickery 

Brittany Rowe



Alyssa Sander

Keegan Matosich

Teryn Yazdani


Mikalah Singer

Jessica Ramierz-Thorpe

Sarah Murray



Shanna McCormack

Steve Murphy

Rachael Young



Volunteer Source Checkers


Amreen Bhasin
Ana Ching
Benjamin Cregger
Connor McDermott
Courtney Parkin
Daryane Couto
Diego Gutierrez
Elena Itameri
Ellie Nicoletta
Gen Weber
Jazmine Bowens
Josh Masser
Kristen Kim
Kylie Lynch
Maddy Munson
Maggie Powers
Michael Reichert
Olivia Buscho
Patty Keough
Peter Hurd
Rodrigo Narbona
Sarah Rogers
Theresa Trillo
Zach Lynch



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