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Volume Twenty-Six 2019-2020


Editorial Board

Co-Editors in Chief

Brittany Rowe


Brittany is a third-year evening student originally from North Carolina. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Anthropology and came to Lewis and Clark for the Animal Law program. She has always had a deep-rooted interest in animal issues and made the decision to come to law school after fostering her first pit mix, Adele, in an area of North Carolina where dog fighting is still prevalent. Brittany joined ALR as a 1L and was an Associate Editor as a 2L. While at Lewis and Clark, Brittany has worked as a research assistant for several professors in the Center for Animal Law Studies and is a founding member of the Food and Agriculture Law Society and the Data Privacy Group. Brittany enjoys hiking, swimming, reading, and spending time with her sweet, shy staffy-mix Watson and his best friend, Lila the cat.

 Caitlin Skurky


Caitlin is a third-year law student who graduated from Portland State University with honors and a BA in International Studies. Before law school, Caitlin worked at a long-term residential facility for commercially sexually exploited children, and later transitioned into therapeutic foster care, designing and implementing trainings for therapeutic foster parents and staff. 

Caitlin has previously served as a Volunteer Source-Checker, Associate Editor, and Symposium Editor for Animal Law Review. Since first starting at Lewis & Clark Law School, Caitlin has been elected the Student Bar Association’s Diversity Committee Student Representative two years in a row, worked as a research assistant for Dean Parry, a legal intern at the Oregon Innocence Project, a legal intern and paralegal at the Forensic Justice Project, and as a legislative policy intern at the Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association for the spring 2019 legislative session. 

Caitlin is deeply passionate about both human and nonhuman animal rights and welfare, and hopes to use a law degree to dismantle systems of oppression inherent in the legal framework. When not studying or working, Caitlin enjoys spending time with a family of furry friends: a three-pound special-needs poodle named Cava, two rotund pigs named Lars and Kevin, and a dainty elderly chicken named Kwanini.


Managing Editors

Elena Itameri


Elena is a second-year law student from both Turku, Finland and Panama City Beach, Florida. She graduated from Georgetown University in 2018 with a Bachelor’s degree in Justice and Peace Studies with a concentration in human rights and sustainability and a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. Elena intends to focus on environmental law at Lewis & Clark and is especially interested in the intersection of animal rights and climate change policy. She joined Animal Law Review as a volunteer source checker during her first year at Lewis & Clark and also served as a 1L Representative for Students for Eliminating Environmental Discrimination (SEED). During her first-year summer, Elena worked as a legal intern for the Center for Biological Diversity’s Washington, DC office. Elena enjoys cooking plant-based foods while her cat, Svensson, supervises, listening to true crime podcasts, and staring longingly at her pile of unread novels while she briefs cases.


Olivia Buscho


Olivia Is a second year law student from Brookings, Oregon. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Pacific University in 2012. After graduating, Olivia volunteered at a rural outreach clinic in Brookings to provide health care to houseless and other people with limited resources in a pre-Affordable Care Act era. She later moved to Portland and worked at the Oregon Health and Science University medical school. Olivia has always loved animals, and her life changed for the better in 2017 when she adopted her cat and best friend, Oscar. She joined Animal Law Review as a source checker during her first year in law school, and was elected to serve as Managing Editor during her second year. Olivia is interested in criminal justice and hopes to become a criminal defense attorney, and is thrilled to incorporate her passion for animal rights into her education.


Business Editor

Taylor Lynch



Taylor is a second-year law student from Seattle, Washington. They earned a BS in Animal Sciences, focus in Animal Management, and a Minor in Business Administration. Taylor has worked in a variety of industries such as healthcare, outdoor recreation, and animal agriculture. Before serving as the Business Editor, Taylor joined Animal Law Review as a volunteer source checker. While at Lewis & Clark, Taylor has worked as a law clerk for Bonneville Power Administration. In their free time, they enjoy wilderness backpacking, kayaking, reading, and spending time with their fiancée, Chloe.

Symposium Editor

Josh Masser



Josh is a second-year law student originally from Los Angeles. He received his bachelor’s degree in religious studies from Humboldt State University in 2014. After graduating, he spent four years creating training videos and educational resources for a software development company focused on checkbook management and printing software. Josh volunteered as a 1L source-checker on Animal Law Review in the spring of 2019. He was also the 1L Representative for the Lewis & Clark Student Animal Legal Defense Fund during the 2018-2019 school year.

Josh spent the summer of 2019 working as a summer law clerk at Earthrise Law Center, the environmental litigation clinic at Lewis & Clark, and will be spending the spring of 2020 externing for U.S. Magistrate Judge Russo in Portland. Professionally, Josh is interested in pursuing a career in civil litigation. Personally, Josh enjoys reading, writing music, and spending time with his fiancée, Marley, and their two cats, Kodama and Freyja.


Submissions Editors


Jazmine Bowens


Jazmine is a second-year law student from Indianapolis, Indiana. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Neuroscience at Butler University. She initially came to Lewis & Clark because of the strong animal and environmental law programs but ended up finding an interest in plaintiff’s side employment law instead. Her first year at law school was spent as a volunteer source checker for Animal Law Review and as one of the 1L Representatives of Black Law Student Association. During the summer, she worked at an employment law firm and as a research assistant. When she isn’t working, Jazmine spends most of her time napping or reading in Laurelhurst Park. 


Patty Keough


Patty is a second-year law student originally from the Cleveland, Ohio area. She has a BA from Kent State University where she double-majored in Sociology and Criminology & Justice Studies. She also has an M.S in Anthrozoology from Canisius College where she wrote her thesis on the impact of gender, horse ownership, and Thoroughbred industry involvement on horseracing fans’ attitudes to animals and animal-directed empathy.  Patty came to Lewis & Clark Law specifically for its Animal Law program and is pursuing the Animal Law Certificate with the hope of combining her interests in Anthrozoology and Animal Law to improve the legal status and welfare of nonhuman animals.  During her 1L year, she served as a volunteer source checker for Animal Law and was – and still is – a member of the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund. During her spare time, she enjoys the outdoors, reading, and eating vegan food.  Sadly, she currently does not share her life with any companion animals, but is hoping to adopt a cat soon.

Form & Style Editors

Teryn Yazdani


Teryn is a third-year law student from Jackson, Mississippi. In 2017, she received her BA in Anthropology and Environmental Studies from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. Before law school and while completing her undergraduate degree, Teryn interned with the Tulane Environmental Law Clinic which sparked her desire to pursue a career in public interest environmental law. She has a passion for legal work at the intersection of climate and environmental justice and is pursuing her JD with the Certificate in Environmental and Natural Resources Law. As a law student, Teryn has worked in both the governmental and nonprofit sectors and currently works as a legal extern at Crag Environmental Law Center. Teryn has also volunteered with Northwest Environmental Defense Center (NEDC) since the start of law school as both a 1L Volunteer and Group Project Leader. She joined ALR as a 2L source checker and is thrilled to be joining the Editorial Board as a Form and Style Editor. In her spare time, Teryn enjoys exploring Portland coffee and plant shops, music, hiking, camping, taking pictures of flowers, and spending time with her perfect bunny, Bogart (Bogie to his friends).


Daryane Couto


Daryane is a second-year law student from Northern California. She received a BA in Philosophy from the University of California at Santa Cruz, graduating with university and top departmental honors. Before becoming a Form and Style Editor, Daryane joined Animal Law Review in her 1L year as an eager volunteer source checker. In addition to Animal Law Review, Daryane is a member of Lewis & Clark’s OutLaw, and enjoys her current internship at Gillapsy & Rhode PLLC. In her spare time, Daryane enjoys gardening in the backyard, tending to her houseplant babies, and indulging in Vtopia’s mac & cheese.


Associate Editors


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