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2021-2022 Academic Year

Co-Editors in Chief

Rohan Hiatt Bio Picture

Rohan Hiatt


I am a third-year law student from Beaverton, Oregon. My main focuses are in Native American and Antitrust Law, as well as Business Development generally. Prior to law school, I attended the University of Washington for a degree in English and Mathematics. In my free time I enjoy listening/dj-ing EDM music, reading books, playing video games, and hanging out with my pets. I have a cat named Kiki and a dog named Sequoia.


  Cindy Lundt Bio Picture

Cindy Lundt


I am a third-year law student from Longmont, Colorado.  I have studied at three undergraduate universities including the University of Colorado-Boulder, American University, and Christopher Newport University.  I received a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from Christopher Newport University.

I previously served as a Source-Checker and Associate Editor for Animal Law Review and also currently serve as Secretary for the Women’s Law Caucus.  In my free time, I enjoy hikes with my dog Bob and paddleboarding.

Managing Editors


Peter Broberg Bio Picture

Peter Broberg

Hi all, I’m Peter Broberg, one of the Co-Managing Editors. My goal is to help ALR be a cohesive team, with great communication, respect amongst members, and fun (when applicable). During my time managing coffee shops, I learned a thing or two about building a strong team that people enjoy being a part of and I believe those skills will translate to ALR. Please let me know if there is anything I’m doing that doesn’t align with these goals or if you have any ideas on how things could be better!


Lydia Dexter Bio Picture

Lydia Dexter


I am a 2L interested in the intersection of environmental law and Indian law. I am originally from Nebraska, but I’ve grown to love the West Coast and am hoping to stay. After being a volunteer Source Checker my 1L year for ALR, I knew I wanted to be a board member because of the intersection of animal law and environmental law.


Business Editor


Isaac H. Bio Picture

Isaac Horenbias


My name is Isaac and I am a Portland native. I am a runner and enjoy being outside exploring the Pacific Northwest. I live with my cat Nene, who is six, and my four-year-old dog Molly.

Symposium Editor


Miranda Groh Bio Picture
Miranda Groh


I was born and raised in Las Vegas, but have left large pieces of my heart in the Grand Tetons, Colorado, New York, Southeast Asia, and now Portland. I am so glad to be a part of L&C’s robust animal law community and grateful to serve in multiple capacities. My favorite things are dinner-table philosophy, wildflowers and mountains, and spoiling our cats Prince and Chef.


Submissions Editors



Isaac Conzatti


Natalie McNeill Picture

Natalie McNeill


This year I am a Submissions Editor and it is my third year being part of ALR. I have enjoyed reading all of the submissions and working with the EICs to decide which articles to publish. Outside of law school I enjoy spending time with my three adorable bunnies and chihuahua.


Form & Style Editors
Carly Cripps Bio Picture

Carly Cripps


My name is Carly Cripps and I am a 3L from rural Southern Illinois. In addition to serving as Form & Style editor, I am also on the board of NLG, and have a focus on Criminal Justice Reform. In my free time, I enjoy running, hiking and the Pacific Northwest forests, and finding new movies and tv shows to stream.

  Tori Reifschneider Bio Picture

Tori Reifschneider


My name is Tori and I am a 3L this year. I’m originally from Colorado but have come to adore the PNW. Along with being a part of the Form & Style team for ALR, I also currently serve on the board for the L&C Chapter of NLG. Catch me escaping to the beach, baking cookies, seeking out mountaintops, reading fictional tales, and frolicking in the sunshine with my friends in my free time!


  Associate Editors


Mara Bauermeister

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