March 11, 2022

2022: Progress & Perseverance in Animal Law

The 2022 symposium speakers celebrated some of the accomplishments made in various fields of animal law, while acknowledging the ongoing work in those fields. We heard from experts in wildlife conservation, animal agriculture, intersectional advocacy, and animal ethics.

2022: Progress & Perseverance in Animal Law

This event was 100% virtual and recorded on March 11, 2022. Click on the event’s title to be linked to the video. Thank you to the Animal Legal Defense Fund for its generous support of our work!

Professor Joyce Tischler: Opening Remarks

  • Professor Tischler (Lewis & Clark Law School) opened the symposium with a discussion of how her work began in the animal law movement, and an inspiring reminder of why animal advocates do the work we do.

Tiana Williams-Claussen, Dr. Sristi Kamal, & Bob Sallinger: Coexistence with Wildlife in the Pacific Northwest

  • Tiana Williams Claussen (Yurok Tribe Wildlife Program), Dr. Sristi Kamal (Defenders of Wildlife), and Bob Sallinger (Portland Audubon Society) presented on their work to conserve wildlife on tribal, rural, and urban lands. 

Shayna Rowbotham: Advancing Equity in Animal Advocacy

  • Shayna Rowbotham (Mercy for Animals, Encompass Movement) discussed how she and other animal advocates are working to advance racial justice in animal advocacy.

Dr. Lori Gruen: Animal Ethics, Animal Law, and Social Justice

  • Dr. Lori Gruen (Wesleyan University) spoke about strengths of prominent work in animal ethics and law, and drew attention to issues that must be addressed if that work is to be considered genuinely liberatory.

Tarah Heinzen, Amy van Saun, Marie Camino, & Erin Sutherland: The Fight for a Sustainable Food System

  • Tarah Heinzen (Food & Water Watch), Amy van Saun (Center for Food Safety), Marie Camino (Mercy for Animals), and Erin Sutherland (Animal Welfare Institute) presented on efforts being made to counter destructive animal agriculture and implement more ethical and ecological alternatives.

Jim Mason: How Far We’ve Come 

  • Jim Mason (Author) discussed some of the changes he has seen in the animal movement since the 1970s, and how animal advocates today can gain support by encouraging others to change the way they see the animals around them.