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Lewis & Clark Law Review

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Volume 23 / Issue 3 / 2019



Marijuana Legalization, Racial Disparity, and the Hope for Reform

Michael Vitiello

23 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 789 (2019)

A Hybrid Approach to Marijuana Federalism

Susan F. Mandiberg

23 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 823 (2019)

Beyond Cannabis: Psychedelic Decriminalization and Social Justice

Dustin Marlan

23 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 851 (2019)

Cannabis and Insurance

Francis J. Mootz III and Jason Horst

23 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 893 (2019)

Zoning, Race, and Marijuana: The Unintended Consequences of Proposition 64

Alexis Holmes

23 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 939 (2019)


Notes and Comments

Reefer Madness in Federal Court: An Overview of How Federal Courts Are Dealing with Cannabis Litigation and Why It Is Necessary to “Dig into the Weeds”

Blake Marvis

23 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 967 (2019)

If It Looks Like a Duck: Equal Protection, Selective Prosecution, and Geographic Differences in the Federal Prosecution of Marijuana Crimes Under the Controlled Substances Act

Zachary Nelson

23 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 1007 (2019)

Cannabis Law, the Constitution, and the ABA Model Rules

Hayley Hollis

23 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 1063 (2019)









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