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Lewis & Clark Law Review


Managing Board


Editor in Chief

Audrey Davis


Executive Editors

Sophie Shaddy-Farnsworth 

Meg Barankin


Managing Editor

Jason Frank


Editorial Board

Submissions Editor

Alison Kavanagh


Online Managing Editor

James Molyneux-Elliot


Notes and Comments Editors

Nick Greenfield

Kyle Sharp


Lead Article Editors

Michael Adler

Vanessa Aaron

Jenny Davies

Peter Yaghmaie

Ashley Needham

Sean Tipton


Article Editors

Brittaney A. Bones 

Rachel A. Finn 

Christopher Fobes 

Nathaniel Housel  

John J. Kenagy 

Jordan P. Lennox 

Marc W. Mohan 

Carley Pouland 

Caroline G. Reed 

Rachel E. Shinville 

Alyson E. Sneider 

Jong Wan Suh 

Meagan Tate 

Tien (Tracey) Than 

Lin Tian 

Aaron Trukositz

Sophia C. von Bergen


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Lewis & Clark Law Review

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