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Volume 22 / Number 3 / 2018




 Beyond Severity: A New View of Crimmigration

Rachel E. Rosenbloom

22 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 663 (2018)

Luck, Culpability, and the Retributivist Justification of Punishment

Kenneth Einar Himma

22 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 708 (2018)

Baseline Territorial Sovereignty and Cyberspace

Sean Watts & Theodore Richard

22 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 708 (2018)

Indigenous Water Justice

Jason Robinson, Barbara Cosens, Sue Jackson, Kelsey Leonard, & Daniel McCool

22 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 841 (2018)

What’s in a Number: Arguing About Cost-Benefit Analysis in Administrative Law

Benjamin Minhao Chen

22 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 923 (2018)

If Sitting is the New Smoking, What Does this Mean for Employers? A Look at Potential Workers’ Compensation Claims in the Sedentary Workplace.

Natalie Bucciarelli Pedersen & Lisa Eisenberg

22 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 965 (2018)

Spite: Legal and Social Implications

Jeffrey L. Harrison

22 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 991 (2018)

Notes and Comments

The Montwheeler Effect: Examining the Personality Disorder Exclusion in Oregon’s Insanity Defense

Joseph Langerman

22 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 1027 (2018)

Choose Your Path to Recovery Against the United States: Torts v. Takings

Alexandra K. McLain

22 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 1063 (2018)

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