Volume 25 / Issue 2 / 2021


The Time is Now: Criminal Justice Reform in the Wake of George Floyd’s Killing

Tung Yin
25 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 397 (2021)


How Can We Achieve Accountability in Policing? The (Not-So-Secret) Ingredients to Effective Police Reform

Michael D. White, Henry F. Fradella, & Michaela Flippin
25 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 405 (2021)

“I See What Is Right and Approve, but I Do What Is Wrong”: Psychopathy and Punishment in the Context of Racial Bias in the Age of Neuroimaging

Alison J. Lynch & Michael L. Perlin
25 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 453 (2021)

American Exceptionalism at Its Finest: “Soft on Crime” Now a Vote-Winner in the World’s Largest Incarcerator

Mirko Bagaric, Gabrielle Wolf, Daniel McCord, Brienna Bagaric, & Nick Fischer
25 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 489 (2021)

Inconspicuous Victims

Itay Ravid
25 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 529 (2021)


Avoiding the Second Assault: A Guidebook for Trauma-Informed Prosecutors

Eric M. Werner
25 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 573 (2021)

Mess Rea

Connor B. McDermott
25 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 607 (2021)

The Execution of Lezmond Mitchell: An Analysis of Federal Indian Law, Criminal Jurisdiction, and the Death Penalty as Applied to Native Americans

Mary Margaret L. Kirchner
25 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 649 (2021)