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Thank you to our Conference Volunteers!

July 18, 2011

  • Five of NCVLI's Conference Volunteers (from left): Fumi Owoso, Jacqueline Swanson, Sarah Hays, Sarah Dandurand, and Zack Pollock (not pictured: Susan Bexton, Sylvia Golden, Shara Jones, Lissette McIlmoil, Bob Robison, Hayley Weedn, and Chris Wilson).

This year NCVLI was fortunate to have the support of an incredible volunteer force at our Crime Victim Law Conference.  Volunteers donated over 100 hours in making the Conference a success.   Volunteers assisted with activities ranging from photographer to session room monitor to staffing the NAVRA information table to procurement of raffle items for the Crime Victims’ Rights Reception.  Our volunteers had a wide variety of skills and did an amazing job staffing the Conference and inspiring others to give to victims’ rights.  One of the perks of volunteering at the Conference is the opportunity for volunteers to listen in on sessions and network with Conference attendees.  NCVLI summer intern and University of Oregon law student, Sarah Hays, had this to say about her volunteer experience:

Attending the annual Conference and having the opportunity to meet and learn from experts in victim law was part of why I wanted to work with NCVLI.  Being a novice in the field, attending the Conference showed me just how many facets there are to victim law, and how many ways there are to help. I am grateful for the chance to be a participant and excited for how I might support NCVLI in the future.

NCVLI is grateful for the support and enthusiasm of this year’s volunteers.  Thank you for playing such a critical role in making the event a success!


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