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National Crime Victim Law Institute

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

April 10, 2012

Child abuse, which all too often goes unreported, is being recognized in a national way during April 2012 - Child Abuse Prevention Month.  NCVLI’s work, through the Safeguarding Child-Victims’ Rights Initiative, helps ensure that the victims’ rights of child-victims of crime are protected and enforced.  The choice of how, when, and the extent to which a victim participates in justice system processes is important to child-victims and their families, and the exercise of victims’ rights can provide a means of promoting child-victims’ sense of autonomy, control, healing, and psychological and emotional well-being.  Child-victims need allies who can tackle the complex and unique issues that arise when they become involved with the justice system and advocate on their behalf to prevent re-victimization, assist in recovery, and ensure that proper resources and support are made available.