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National Crime Victim Law Institute

2014 Legal Advocacy Award: Amy Terrible

May 26, 2014

NCVLI’s Legal Advocacy Award recognizes crime victims’ rights attorneys who have dedicated and committed their time to representing victims of crime in the criminal justice system.

In 2012, Amy Terrible launched the Crime Victim Advocacy Center of Tulare County to represent victims of crime in Central California.  A former prosecutor, Amy’s true passion is to achieve justice for victims by directly representing them in criminal cases against their offenders.  

Amy heard about NCVLI’s work from a co-worker before becoming a victims’ rights attorney. Over time she learned more about victims’ rights and realized that direct representation of victims is what she wanted to do.  Since June of 2012 Amy has been operating as a solo practitioner representing victims of crime entirely pro bono.  She has worked on a range of cases from representation of the surviving family of a murder victim, to a complex case involving multiple jurisdictions in the theft of a car across state lines, to stepping in as the attorney for a child-victim in family court, to representation of domestic violence victims.