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Digest 101 - October 101

October 09, 2017



an anthology of global news & media affecting crime victims

GENERAL VICTIMS’ RIGHTS  ___________________________________________

California: Bill to Allow Therapy Dogs in Court Signed into Law

Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law a bill allowing “therapy” dogs in court during witness testimony . The bill allows the especially trained dogs into courtrooms to lend comfort and emotional support to vulnerable victims and witnesses, including certain child witnesses. 

Idaho: Proposed Law Would Change Idaho Constitution

Lawmakers are considering passage of Marsy’s Law after it stalled in the House last year. The proposal would change the Victim Rights Amendment in Idaho’s constitution, which voters ratified in 1994. Under the new amendment, victims would have to be notified in a “reasonable and timely” manner of all court proceedings involving suspects and be heard at each step of the legal process. It also would prioritize full and timely restitution from economic losses due to a crime and define crime victim to include “any person or entity directly and proximately harmed” by the crime.

VICTIMS OF TRAFFICKING ___________________________________________

National: U.S. Senate Unanimously Passes Bipartisan Bill to Abolish Human Trafficking

The Abolishing Human Trafficking Act has passed in the U.S. Senate. The bill will strengthen tools for law enforcement and prosecutors to fight human trafficking, increase awareness, and make sure victims get the resources they need to escape, seek legal protection and rebuild their lives. The bill will also boost assistance to victims of human trafficking, strengthen law enforcement and victims services organizations, and make sure perpetrators of these crimes are subject to harsher punishments. 

National: Senate Passes Bill to Combat Human Trafficking

The U.S. Senate unanimously passed a bipartisan bill to aid in the fight against human trafficking. The Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2017 would renew existing programs that make federal resources available to human trafficking survivors and create new prevention, prosecution, and collaboration initiatives.

Wisconsin: Bill Would Require Truck Drivers to Get Human Trafficking Training

A newly introduced bill would require technical colleges and licensed commercial driving schools to teach drivers the signs of human trafficking to get their license. 


National: Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Replaces Obama-Era Guidelines for Handling Sexual Assault on Campus

The U.S. Education Department Secretary has rescinded Obama-era guidelines for investigating campus sexual assaults. The Department released a new, temporary question-and-answer statement, replacing one issued by the Obama administration in 2014, to advise colleges and universities about how their responsibilities have changed. 

National: Senators Introduce Bill to Strengthen Privacy Protections for Domestic Violence Victims

The Safeguarding Addresses from Emerging (SAFE) at Home Act would strengthen privacy protections for victims of domestic violence. The bill would allow victims of domestic violence who are participating in state Address Confidentiality Programs (ACP) to use their confidential substitute address when creating new public records at the federal level, preventing the disclosure of their actual physical address. 

Maryland: Laws to Help Sexual Assault Victims Take Effect

Three new laws are helping victims of sexual assault in Maryland. The laws define sexual assault to not require physical resistance for prosecution, require evidence of sexual assault be kept for 20 years, and expand the definition of rape beyond forced intercourse. 

Nevada: Proposed Law Would Influence Parole Decisions

A recently filed a bill that would require parole boards to take an inmate’s past domestic violence convictions into account. It would also require boards to consider whether the inmate has been found responsible for wrongful death in a civil case and require those who come before a parole board to testify under penalty of perjury.

Pennsylvania: Proposed Legislation Could Increase Protections for Victims of Domestic Violence

A recently proposed bill would protect domestic violence victims who file protection from abuse (PFA) orders against their abusers. Senate Bill 501 would bar gun possession by all domestic abusers subject to PFAs and require them to turn in their guns to licensed dealers or law enforcement officials.


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