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National Crime Victim Law Institute

Survivor Matching Gift Week!

December 01, 2017

Help NCVLI help the next survivor:
Donate today! 
Give before this Saturday, 12/9, and your gift up to $1000, will be matched by Mike and Penny Moreau, who support NCVLI because: “We have experienced first-hand the work of NCVLI in advocating for crime victims’ rights, and ensuring that these rights are respected and enforced in the justice system.”  Mike and Penny’s son, Tim, vanished in January 1990 and they worked tirelessly for ten years to keep Tim’s case alive.  Finally, in 2000, their son’s murderers were sentenced.  Mike and Penny continue to support victims and survivors through personal efforts and their gifts to NCVLI.  Please match their generosity with a gift today!