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Lewis & Clark Law School Animal Legal Defense Fund

Juli Zagrans and The Adoptable Dogs of OTAT-PDX Visit LC SALDF

April 16, 2018

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On Thursday, April 5th Lewis & Clark Law LLM program alumni Juli Zagrans of One Tail At A Time - Portland (OTAT - PDX) chapter came with four-legged (adoptable) friends in tow for an LC SALDF Speaker Series event. 
Juli is the founder of OTAT - PDX and joined us to talk about how she uses her legal background in a less traditional way to help animals.  Juli began volunteering with OTAT while pursuing her JD in Chicago and soon became an integral part of that rescue organization saving lives from Chicago Animal Care and Control, as well as surrounding intake facilities.  A lifelong lover of animals, after discovering the existence of Lewis & Clark Law School’s Animal Law LLM program, Juli purchased a one-way ticket to Portland, Oregon.  Shortly after getting settled in Oregon and in the animal law program, Juli realized she missed her involvement with OTAT and asked their executive director in Chicago if they would be open to her starting a Portland chapter of the rescue.  It was then that OTAT-PDX started and since then the Portland chapter alone has gone on to save hundreds of dogs from near-certain death, including this past year when Juli organized a week-long relief mission trip with 15 volunteers to Puerto Rico after the tragic aftermath of the summer’s hurricanes.
OTAT - PDX, and Juli as its Executive Director, are committed to lowering euthanasia rates through the rescue and adoption of dogs in need; comprehensive support of adopters; and community outreach through humane education programs and assistance for disadvantaged and low-income families.  You can find out more about this life-saving organization by clicking here.
Thank you Juli and OTAT - PDX for all of the good work that you do!

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